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For some businesses document management and archiving plays a major part of their office systems, ensuring they deliver high levels of efficiency when locating documents and finding the right information for their customers. We recommend PowerRetrieve an out-of-the-box Windows-based file management and knowledge retrieval solution from InfoCAP Technologies Ltd.
InfoCAP Technologies Ltd InfoCAP Technologies Ltd

Research has shown that employees spend over 400 hours per year searching for documents that have been miss-filed or due to not knowing how a document has been indexed, so they are unable to find that all important information at the time it is needed.

For the first time, a document filing system with the ability to index document contents automatically by the power of Adaptive Pattern Recognition (APR) is now available as a low cost solution for every companies filing and retrieval needs, not matter how small or large.

How does it work?

PowerRetrieve will capture and store canned paper based documents, convert the scanned images into computer readable text files (ASCII) and automatically index every character within the content of the document, thus allowing users to search and retrieve documents on any information held within the document's contents. PowerRetrieve will even overcome OCR (Optical Character Recognition) errors, misspelled words or inaccurate search queries to find the information you are looking for.

Documents can be scanned or imported and then routed to other users for further manipulation and inclusion in the PowerRetrieve user environment.

PowerRetrieve will automatically index the entire contents of any electronic files within your computer system, whether they are emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, faxes presentation files or drawings.

Documents stored in PowerRetrieve can be viewed in their native format, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or a CAD file without the application being on the PC, since all the necessary filters and viewers have been purpose-built into the software.

PowerRetrieve provides a simple to use Windows interface that will enable users to find the information they are looking for quickly, for reuse again and again. Once you have found the documents you are looking for, you can simply print them, fax them or automatically email them.

The PowerRetrieve suite of products contain a number of applications that allow for complete control of the flow of documents, from managing the scanned or imported input, through automatically indexing files into File Rooms, to searching and retrieving documents from your document archive.

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