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Amazing how recycling grown to be a strong part of HOE

Amazing how recycling grown to be a strong part of HOE
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The following article was published recently about the Inverness expansion of Highland Office Equipment.

The article contains a section on recycling and refurbishing.

SPP Media’s Executive magazine has granted us permission to reproduce this article.

Strategy for the future

The Inverness office is planning to expand to incorporate greater recycling and refurbishing facilities. This is part of Highland Office Equipment’s strategy for the future. Furthermore, this aligns with Scottish Government’s ‘Zero Waste‘ initiative where the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle is at the top of the agenda.

recycling and refurbishing, good for the planet

HOE is embracing the circular economy. For instance, we are adapting to ensure we can reuse and recycle as much as possible.

recycling & refurbishing

Retired devices are now separated into components for recycling at HOE. 

Steven McLennan, Service Director says:

“We have a full time member of staff who is dedicated to recycling. With the planned expansion, we will be able to create a recycling hub and extend our storage capacity for recycled parts and refurbished devices.”

Recycling & refurbishing

Old parts are sorted before being recycled. 

Come and see our recycling & refurbishing facilities

HOE invites potential and existing clients to come in and see the on site recycling and refurbishing facilities. Most clients hate to see waste and so they take an interest in the complete life cycle of the devices. We can replace or upgrade specific parts. Consequently pre-owned devices can gain a new lease of life.

Recycling & refurbishing

Nick Mackintosh, after sales delivery manager, with approved used stock. 

In addition, HOE offers new owners of approved used devices a Lifetime Guarantee backed up with HOE’s service and parts replacement program.

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Finally, the Executive Magazine published this article in June 2019, photography by Gair Fraser


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