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Another satisfied HOE furniture customer

Another satisfied HOE furniture customer
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MacGregor Industrial Supplies (MIS) in Inverness, is another satisfied customer after receiving office furniture from HOE.

Steven Elder, ICT manager at MIS, said:

“MIS is completing several years of expansion and upgrade in the Inverness office. A significant part of that was the complete overhaul of our office space.

The physical space has trebled, allowing us to introduce an open-plan arrangement. Now all our sales and also office staff are in one area.

Once the basic concept was agreed, we made some decisions on team groupings, work spaces and desk layout.

We have had a long and very constructive relationship with HOE in providing copying and printing solutions. I was aware of their office furniture service.

Going through the quoting process it became apparent that a close working relationship was going to be vital to the project because there were a lot of options when it came to seating 60 people in a way that best suited everyone and the business.

Throughout the many phases of the project, the team at HOE provided advice and expertise in the furniture choice, design and installation.

The end result is a very clean, open and professional working environment.

The staff have embraced the new space. It has completely changed the feel of the office – transforming it from a dark, cramped and noisy place to a very clean, open and professional office.”


Finally, this article first appeared in Executive Magazine, July 2016


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