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Fiery Impose: save time and money with Production Printers

Fiery Impose: save time and money with Production Printers
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Are you in need of a production printer for your organisation? Are you having difficulty using up all the space on the paper – wasting time and money? We use the latest version of Fiery Impose in Fiery Command Workstation 6 with our Ricoh Commercial Industrial Printers.

EFI™ Fiery® SeeQuence Suite

The Fiery SeeQuence Suite by EFI (Electronics for Imaging) offers a special Impose feature to improve productivity and efficiency.

At Highland Office Equipment, we use Fiery Impose to print internal brochures, continuation paper and letter heads.

About EFI

EFI is a US company that has specialised in digital printing technology since 1989.

Most recently, it provides the Fiery SeeQuence Suite, which is the top document imposition and composition software for production environments.

Key Fiery Impose benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Saves paper
  • Creates automatic suggestions

“The combination of Ricoh Pro performance and Fiery digital print workflow efficiency delivers high quality, high volume output.” – Ricoh Europe

Special features of Fiery Impose include:

Last minute edits

You no longer need to go back to the original source document to make last minute changes. Instead all edits can be done in Fiery and previews are available prior to printing.

Gangup layout

Make your layout problems fade away. The Fiery SeeQuence software allows us to use a special feature in the Impose section called a Gangup layout style. Fiery Impose decides on the best repeat layout automatically after you enter details such as media size and number of finished products.

Saves custom templates

You can save custom templates in Fiery so that you can repeat the process in the future.

At HOE, we supply a range of cost-effective production printing devices from Ricoh and also Konica Minolta.

We can supply a variety of Fiery options including the Fiery SeeQuence Suite as an add-on supporting colour matching and effective production printing, saving time and also money.

To find out more about HOE and how we can support your organisation’s needs, get in touch now.

Finally, images provided by and text by permission of EFI, main image by permission of Ricoh.


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