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Fujitsu is the world’s leading document scanner company. Our versatile Fujitsu product line includes everything from the high-performance to the extremely compact. We supply the Fujitsu fi range of scanning products with speeds ranging from 30ppm up to 135pm.


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Firstly, Fujitsu scanners have an excellent reputation for reliability and compatibility for applications involving: document management, archiving, workflow or forms processing. Fujitsu has a product range offering compatibility with over 200 different document imaging applications.

The Fujitsu scanners come with either PaperStream or PaperStream IP Capture scanning software. PaperStream allows you to clone, modify or create new profiles with a clear step by step interface. PaperStream IP has been engineered by experts. It reduces the number of re-scans and cuts the amount of time it takes to set up a profile. It cleans up the toughest documents for improved OCR and also auto rotates for less paper preparation.

Whether your application involves document management, archiving, workflow or forms processing, Fujitsu probably has the optimum scanner for the capture of your data.


An ideal compliment to our Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management solution


Scanning hard copies into the Laserfiche software eliminates the need to keep large filing cabinets on valuable office floor space. Documents scanned into Laserfiche are available instantly on networked PCs. Laserfiche ‘reads’ each document and indexes it appropriately.

You simply scan in your hard copy documents directly into the system. Laserfiche is then able to index and classify the scanned documents. This also gives you the ability to search for information using keywords or phrases.